Uncertainty, and things like that

What do you need to succeed?  What makes you stand out from your competitors?  What gives you a edge?

No matter how you answer these questions, we would bet that having better access to information would be fairly high on the list. 

So think for a moment about your sources of information.

Business Intelligence Systems, Market Research studies, Trade Subscriptions, Newspapers, Magazines, Newsletters, Industry Associations, Government Advisories, Radio, Television, networks of friends and past colleagues. 

You have access to mountains of information.  How much of that information is about your business, and how it is operating, and its position in the marketplace?  How much of that information is about the world outside your business, and how much of that outside information is in a form you can use to directly improve your business?

How will your competitors, your suppliers, and your customers, react to that information? How will they interpret it?  Will their interpretation be the same as yours?  Or can you see opportunities that they don't see? 

How will you be impacted by the actions of foreign governments, other multi-nationals, pressure groups, terrorist organizations, and other drivers in the market place such as social networks, blogs, and other new-media?

The world is becoming increasingly interconnected.  What happens in one location, or one industry, can have ramifications around the globe.  The consequences can impact the way that people - politicians, governments, multi-national companies, pressure groups, and the public - behave.  Sometimes this is beneficial,  most times, it is not.

Do you feel well informed?  Do you feel in control?  Do you know the history behind todays events?  Can you see the trends?  Do you know more than your competitors do?  Can you identify influences that will emerge and be critical to you?

Extrinsic has developed research, intelligence gathering, and interpretative analysis techniques that support governance, business development, project management, and qualitative risk management activities.

We explore and research the history and the patterns of local and global events; and combine that with information about your business that you choose to share with us, to provide insights that are specific and relevant to you, and your business.

The result is, you are better informed.  You have an edge.  And that translates to success.