Experienced People 

Intelligence is the transformation of information into knowledge.

People who are good at doing this are sometimes referred to as possessing intelligence, but that is only part of the story, and a pretty insignificant part at that.

Intelligence is a combination of process, science, art, aptitude, attitude, and training.

Like anything else, the principles and process of intelligence can be taught.  But being shown how to mix colors does not make you an artist, any more than learning the periodic table makes you a scientist.

Intelligence analysis and interpretation, as a professional discipline, requires a certain natural aptitude as well as a thirst for knowledge.

Intelligence utilizes the established scientific method of making observations, forming one or more hypotheses, and then searching for evidence to deny or modify the hypothesis.

Intelligence is also art in that it recognizes patterns in seemingly unrelated incidents and situations.  This activity requires the ability to think spatially, temporally, and critically.

Probably, the most important characteristics of an intelligence analyst are the ability to see any given issue from multiple perspectives simultaneously; to recognize emerging patterns in disparate collections of information; and to project those patterns into "future-time". These characteristics are a gift that can not be taught, but can be cultivated in those that have it.

Our people are gifted and experienced analysts.  They are also experienced in business, in information engineering, and in the management of projects.  This provides a rare combination of skills.