Interpretative Intelligence

Very few people in business have the time, or the inclination, to wade through the morass of information available to them to determine what is really going on.  So they may miss opportunities that are there to be taken, or they may not be able to see risks early enough to take avoiding action.

Extrinsic does have the time, and the inclination, and the experience, and the processes and techniques, to do this on behalf of our clients.

We have an economy of scale that allows us to analyze local and world events on behalf of all of our clients, and then to tailor the resulting analysis to specifically address the needs of each individual client, as we understand them.

We provide you with better knowledge of the situation, and some alternative ways of interpreting what is happening.

We look at the extrapolation of events, and what might happen in the future that could impact you.

Opportunity and risk are opposite ends of the same spectrum.  We look at how the confluence of global events provides both risk and opportunity for your business.

Our intelligence process provides a briefing paper (usually no more than two pages) about external events that are, or may be, directly related to your business and your strategic goals.  We may suggest alternate courses of action.

We provide a verbal briefing of events, in the form of a conversation, that you can use to explore aspects of the report in more detail, or to ask questions on any topic related to our analysis.

The conversation, and questions asked, helps us to tailor our work to better help you to manage your business, and explore the opportunity of the future.