Our Processes

Extrinsic provides research and intelligence analysis for organisations, with a view to reducing uncertainty and identifying opportunity.

Our expertise supports: 

  • Corporate Governance and ICT Governance:
    • Investigation of opportunity and risk management;
    • Strategy development and review;
    • Implementation of strategic plans; and
    • Monitoring of business change.
  • Feasibility studies and business evolution;
  • Entrepreneurship and commercialisation;
  • Evaluation of alternative opportunities;
  • Monitoring of change within business and within the business environment; and
  • Project Environments:
    • Information Management;
    • Requirements Analysis;
    • Independent Reviews; and
    • Most Probable Outcomes.

 Our processes include: 

  • Research utilising:
    • Open source information (publicly accessible);
    • Internal information (from the client);
    • Non-searchable unclassified information ('deep web');
    • Academic sources (published papers, research applications); and
    • Commercial reference sources.
  • Critical and unbiased thinking (hypothesis generation);
  • A target-centric approach that uses models to treat:
    • The target as a complex system; and
    • Complex targets as a network of interrelated forces.
  • Temporal analysis:
    • Evolution of trends versus current situation;
    • Application of Information Dynamics; and
    • Projections versus current status.